Red Samurai


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It was fresh and delicious. Exceeded my expectations.0
Today was the first time ever eating at this fabulous tasting restaurant! I will definitely return. The staff was great and attentive. Thank you for the wonderful meal.
Amazing sushi and I loved it so very much. Affordable and a lot to choose from. Ordering some tonight!!
Been going here for absolute favorite place to eat! Until today...worst dining experience ever! As i sat at the bar waiting on friends to join me, i was approached 3 times and instructed to hurry up & move to the hibachi table, which i eventually did bc i felt i had to after being bothered so many times! It was all downhill from there...i requested my friend to be our server (I always do & have never had a problem)! The manager tells me no, she can't wait on us.."maybe next time" he says?? Ok😕??? So he (the manager) ends up waiting on was horrible!We sat at the table for almost 30 min before our order was taken! We ordered sushi apps ahead of time, and did not get them until we were almost finished with our dinner!My friend ordered his with no avocado & the manager/server told him "we don't do special orders, u just pick it out!" It was a very, very, very bad experience! I'm not one to EVER complain...but it was absolutely awful!!!