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Angie Green
My husband took me out for dinner this evening and we had a coupon for buy 1 get half off hibachi. And being Monday the sushi was half off so we were excited to try new menu items and not spend a fortune. So we ordered 3 sushi rolls, I ordered a glass of gin and plum wine not a fan of. I ordered the shrimp, lobster, and fillet mingon 36.00 meal my husband got the lobster shrimp and scallops 33.00 meal. My lobster was in huge pieces and extremely chewy and tasted burnt. My steak I ordered medium and as I watched it cook I had to tell him to pull it cause it was burning so that was a total wasted fillet. The shrimp wasn't too bad. My husband had the same burnt taste on his scallops and lobster being burnt large and chewy. The sushi was amazing after they got the right order in. After all of it we were told we couldn't get the sushi half off and use the half off . So our bill was over 100.00 for a burnt chewy disgusting meal. We have been here several times but seems to get worse and
Lori Mobley
We have been here several times and the show and the food quality is always excellent! The kids love watching the chefs cook. We are planning on a trip soon for our daughters 13th birthday.
Delicious shrimp hibachi! Staff was friendly and did a good job. We cannot wait to come back!
Abd. (Chef Edi)
Indonesia, November 29, 2016 Attention to: Manager 5500 Milan Road, #350, Sandusky, OH 44870 Dear Sir/ Madam: Have a blessed day! I am Chef Edi with my full name Abd. Kohir from Indonesia. Throughout my employment at Samurai Sandusky, I’ve continually sought to make myself more valuable to the company. I’ve been working here for 1 years, but unfortunately, I wasn`t able to secure the employment certificate from your company. I am humbly asking from your good office a copy of my employment certificate or a certification stating that I have working in your company respectively. It would be a great help for my future if I already have the certificate. No words can describe how proud I am to work for a great company like Samurai Sandusky. I am so lucky to have such a great boss that takes so much pride in his company that he is willing to do all that it takes to succeed, and more importantly, trusts that we will succeed. It means a lot and I just want to thank you.