Red Samurai


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Brittany Leeland
Worst dining experience ever!!! The food had very little flavor! Still, I paid and left. It wasn't until I got to the grocery store to pay and my card was declined due to being overcharged at Samurai. Bill was 82.42, charged 98.90 on my bank statement. Believed I had enough to buy my 5 month old baby formula but because of the restaurants inaccurate charge I couldn't. So thanks for the horrible food, and embarrassment and inconvenience at the grocery! Won't ever be back!
I recently called Samurai to find out what the prices were like and what their best meals were. The man that answered the phone was beyond rude and disrespectful. He hung up on me twice so I called back, and he said "Why you keep calling here. We no have popular meals. Stop calling." Then hung up on me again... Terrible service quality.
Jamie Mitchell
Karen Loth
Coupons please!