Red Samurai


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we've been to a few hibachi grills but only 1/2 any more do the whole show thing at the grill, do you guys do that? It's kinda awkward, watching a guy cook and not say a word, we'll be in the area next month and looking for a fun place for 15 yr old bday dinner
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Laney Chillingsworth
Food was good. However, brought 6 people with us for hibachi. Everyone ordered the chicken fried rice upgrade. Instead, we received just plain fried rice, VERY oily with ZERO chicken. They did not forget to charge the extra $3 person though- charged $18 extra for NO CHICKEN FRIED RICE. Also, no shrimp appetizer came with our meal. The shrimp and scallops that we did order with our meal was great. The sushi we had was excellent as well. Just wish we received what we had ordered. Kids want to go back for hibachi again, but not so sure we will, since we were overcharged the first time around.