Red Samurai


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Lisa Franco
Server / waitress was awesome!! Our hibachi chef was terrible. TERRIBLE. The food was okay, but we will definitely travel the extra distance to Nagoya in the future.
Was dissapointed in the portions I got compared to the rest of the table. Everyone litterally was served twice as much rice and noodles as I was. Me and another guest both ordered fillet and chicken and he also got 2/3 of both meats while I had hardly any on my plate. I seriously got WAY less than everyone else but still paid the same amount. Almost felt as if it was on purpose as a joke or something. I won't be returning in the future. Ill gladly drive the extra miles and spend the extra money to go to Nagoya next time.
Tim Dempsey
Have not eaten tgeir yet at this location but will be celebrating March 3rd for my mom's 79th birthday, I have heard nothing but good reviews, I do have a request, I drove by the resturant with my brother who will be attending our party on March 3rd, I was a little embarrassed of the green paper signs hanging in the Windows, I felt lile it cheapens the integrity of the establishment, I want to take my family to a place tgat we all perceive as a step up from other establishments, the green hand written paper signs leaves me feeling that maybe your strugelling for business, Sure would like to see signs removed before March 3rd. Thank you Tim
Mary Reynolds
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