Red Samurai


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Great place
Marley bei
I haven’t ate here since I was a little girl and tonight was the first time I had this food in years! It was amazing! Sushi is incredible. And I would highly recommend this restaurant. Also it’s super close and convenient to my home and work!
Will you be open on Thanksgiving Day?
Erich Fahr
We have been many times and have always enjoyed - until Saturday night (10/20). We came at the request of my 10-year-old for his birthday. We made a reservation for 6:30 and got seated at 7:30. The server came to take our drink order and to drop off and take dinner order, and didn't come back for an hour - literally! We had to track down our own drinks from the bar from another server. We didn't get refills on other drinks for over an hour. From there the chef came out at an hour and a half. He didn't have good instructions and all the dinners got messed up - people getting what they shouldn't have and others not getting what they ordered. The presentation was not nearly what it has been - chef seemed to be in quite a hurry to go. The girl at our table with dietary restrictions didn't get her meal from the kitchen for one hour and 50 minutes. Then our server came finally and offered boxes, and again never returned with them - we got our own. She then finally brought bills and act