Red Samurai


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Stephanie Yarian
The place looked promising but I could not have been more disappointed. We ordered steamed and fried dumplings and 2 sushi rolls. We sat at the booth with empty drinks for 10 minutes befoe we flagged a different server. The sushi which had been sitting waiting to be served of course was served once something was said. Then the fried dumplings came. We asked about the steamed dumplings and the waitress said "I'm just being honest... I didn't put them in." We waited another 20 minutes to pay. The wait staff was not properly utilized which lead to a very poor dining experience.
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Josh Good
Hello, my name is Josh Good, I am the Head Varsity Baseball coach at Western Reserve. We are having a Gun Raffle Banquet at the Huron County Fairgrounds on November 3rd that is ran through the Western Reserve Athletic Boosters. The Banquet includes meals and drinks. Our main event is the gun raffle but will be doing side raffles, silent auctions and baskets within the main raffle. I was curious if there was anything you could do to support the Western Reserve Baseball and Softball teams at the raffle. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Josh Good
Shana McCarthy
We come here every year on my birthday and ways have a good time, we usually love your establishment but yesterday our food service was horrendous. The server was great, though. We found out we were the only ones from our bunch who tipped because the food was bad, and that made us ceel terrible because she did such a great job and was so nice. The chef was the problem. Out of the many many times I have been to Samurai in my life never did I have a chef like this. He could hardly even get words out in his own language. People at the table thought he was drunk. I'm not sure if he is new or in training but nothing he did was like what we ever experienced. We don't care about the exciting part of the job like interacting with customers, so don't think that's the complaint. At the end of the day for so much money I just want to get what I pay for and the food to be fine. Two people of our party ordered steak and he asked how to cook it. Both said rare but both were given over well done. The